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In vivo safety testing on healthy volunteers

  • Patch test, repeated insult Patch test (RIPT), Patch test on sensitive skin
  • Patch Test to assess potential allergic reactions (HIRPT-Human Repeated insult Patch test)
  • Dermatological tests, ophthalmological and gynecological to evaluate of the tolerability of personal care products
  • Sunscreen tests: SPF e WATER RESISTENCE tests according to FDA vol 76 n° 117 June 7th 2011 and Health Canada – Sunscreen Monograph; according to COLIPA (Cosmetics Europe) 2006/ISO 24444:2010 SPF UVA PPD according to ISO 24442:2011, SPF long lasting tests, SPF according to Australian AS/NZS 2604:2012 protocol
  • SPF testing on wet skin, SPF Moisture /Water/Sand/Sweat resistance analysis, SPF persistence evaluation
  • Photo-patch test

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