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In vivo efficacy testing on healthy volunteers

  • Short and Long – term skin moisturizing tests;
  • Consumer tests to evaluate the efficacy of cosmetic products under medical supervision;
  • Efficacy tests for skin elasticity – improving, toning or firming products;
  • Skin barrier enhancement evaluation (TEWL – TransEphitelial Water Loss), Arm Wash Test;
  • Long lasting efficacy testing for make-up, eyelashes treatment and lipsticks;
  • Depigmentation efficacy tests for skin tone lightening products;
  • Comedogenic activity tests;
  • Sebum normalization and regulation efficacy tests;
  • Pigmentation enhancing efficacy tests for tanning products;
  • Efficacy test for the reduction of periorbital dark circles using skin colorimetric analysis.
  • Volumizing activity test on eye makeup and lips
  • Efficacy test of hair care products  and anti-dandruff.
  • Anti-perspirant efficacy tests: according to 24 h, 48 h FDA protocols, and deodorant efficacy test (Sniff Test);
  • Lenitive efficacy tests: test against either UV on induced chemical irritation;
  • Anti-ageing efficacy tests: skin evaluation of elasticity and firmness
  • Sunscreen tests: SPF, WATER RESISTANT and SPF UVA PPD.

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