Reserved Area

Tests on specific cell lines

  • Anti-inflammatory efficacy tests on reconstructed in vitro epithelia.
  • Skin irritation tests according to OECD 439.
  • Skin corrosion test according to OECD (435-431)
  • Ocular irritation tests on 3D reconstructed corneal epithelium.
  • Oral irritation test on oral Skin Ethic gingival 3D epithelium.
  • Mucous membrane irritation tests on Skin Ethic vaginal 3D epithelium.
  • Percutaneous absorption test on reconstructed epidermis OECD 428.
  • Evaluation of immune response modulation through analysis of specific mediators (e.g. histamine, IL- 1alpha, TNF-alpha);
  • Assessment of keratolytic effects on reconstructed 3D epidermis;

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